On The Grind Show

On The Grind Show spotlights everyday entrepreneurs who are making it happen for themselves and their families. These people are truly creating their own stimulus package!

Hi my name is Chris Allen and I am the host of On The Grind Show. I am a serious entrepreneur. I look at business opportunities, review the risk factors, discern the profit potential and then… take massive action!

My first entrepreneurial journey was at the age of 9 when I took over a paper route by working out a side deal with a 12 year acquaintance (I was too young to have one). I increased the subscriptions on the route so much so that my mother had to drive because the papers were too heavy… and I got busted!

I love business and business opportunities! It inspires me to see what others are doing to make money legitimately.

My hope is that these videos will inspire you to discover the entrepreneur within you. Jim Rohn stated that we should be wealthy beyond our wildest dreams because there are opportunities all around us…what opportunity have you passed up?

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