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Are We Still In A Recession

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Are We Still In A Recession

Have you noticed lately that the dialog on tv is starting to shift. There was a time where you could not turn on the t.v without hearing about how bad things are. People were getting laid off off jobs left and right. People were jumping out of buildings and killing their families because they were losing everything. Wall street fat cats were going to jail after living the good life for years off of the sweat of their employees. We were hearing words like Bailouts, Mergers, Right sizing (I guess that what just a fancy term for we want you to work harder for less money)…I could go on with the list because I am sure we could find the news feed to show how bad things were..Then we had the Mayans panic or scare where people thought the world was going to end and I believe if you weren’t grounded or rooted, one would probably be praying that it was true just so they could get some relief from the circumstance they were probably in..(I would have liked to see how their face looked when they woke up and realized that God was not through with them yet). LOL

As I watched the decline of the economy which I saw first hand from the drivers seat of the Real estate Industry ” I was shocked”. I was involved in what was the booming Real Estate Industry for the last 12 years. I watched in awe of how my once high 6 figure income started to decline. I went from making 6 figures to no figures in a matter of 6 months. My home was in jeopardy, I had cars repo-ed, my marriage was on the rocks and began to slip into a downward spiral and I was falling fast. I began to search for answers and I needed them in a quick fast and in a hurry. Then It hit me..I was reminded of a industry and a concept that I heard learned years prior..The industry of Network Marketing.

So many of us have been programmed to go to school, get a good education and then find that great job with a corner office. We were never taught that in case you don’t get that great job with a corner office that you should have a plan B. When I discovered the industry of Network Marketing it fueled a passion in me that I never new existed..I began to read books on personal growth..I began to understand concepts and ideas..I learned new things on how our brain is programmed to believe one thing when its really something else. For me it was way more of a inside out job and what I was becoming rather than the income that I was earning. Now don’t get me wrong this industry has truly supplemented my income and I would not trade it for the world but the journey of personal growth was more important to me.

In order for you to maintain your since of being and understand whats going on, you need to fill your mind with the proper food and nutrients. We all know that whatever you fill your head up with will determine your world view and your outlook on whats going on. I consistently read books like “Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, “How to Win Friends and Influence People” The Greatest Secret” by Earl Nightingale. Every since this market has gone into a tale-spin, I’ve decided to unplug from this Matrix that was making me feel bad. You have to find the things that make you feel good and feel alive and go after those things regardless of whats being said or not said on that one eyed bandit we know at television “It is truly Telling you a vision but it may not be yours”…..

I can admit one thing that we have learned in this economy was the separation of the Rich and The Poor..They had two completely view points on what was going on
Obama said it best “Change” must come In order for our economy and way of life to be put back in order “I still don’t know what the change is but hey he said it” If we don’t figure something out quick, the separation of class will continue to dominate, causing some folk to get richer and some folk to continue to get poorer. Although the recession broke the spirits of a lot of people it also made some people to rise and take possession of opportunities that presented themselves. People realized or are realizing that their once safe job was not as safe as they thought. It made a lot of people hit the reset button and start all over and realize the true God given talents…The Bible says that God has given us the ability to obtain wealth.. We have the power and the ability to create our own destiny. Now is the time to wake up and go and be bold. We must realize that everything begins with a thought, then you must believe, then you have to take action and then you will obtain.

Christopher Allen